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ZyXEL ADSL 2+ Ethernet Router (P660R-F1)


The Zyxel Prestige P-2000W Wi-Fi VoIP phone offers basic features such as a phone book and a call log, both of which you can access on the phone or via your browser. Adding entries to the phone book can be confusing, however. The Prestige asks for user information (the person's phone number) as well as Host IP, Port, and Service (Proxy or P2P). Fortunately, these latter details are optional; you can just program in names and phone numbers if that's all you need. The Prestige also includes a vibrate mode, a choice of seven ring tones (but no way to preview them until the phone rings), and support for 64-bit and 128-bit WEP encryption. Zyxel promises 22 hours of standby time and 3.5 hours of talk time. Given the size of the phone and its battery, those are disappointing numbers. More disappointing still, the phone barely managed 12 hours of standby time in our informal run-down tests--unacceptable performance if you plan to use the P-2000W as your primary handset.

Unless you're an IT person who's intimately familiar with things such as servers, settings, registrar services, and in general, don't expect to get the Zyxel Prestige P-2000W Wi-Fi VoIP phone working without help. The instruction manual focuses primarily on setting up on the phone using its onscreen menus--a slow and painful process. Fortunately, you can perform most of the setup chores via your Web browser--a fact buried at the back of the instruction manual. Otherwise, this browser-based configuration tool isn't documented at all; we had to ask Zyxel tech support for help.


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ZyXEL CPEs feature Combo WAN access technologies including Gigabit Ethernet WAN, LTE, VDSL2 bonding or VDSL2, with which service providers can launch services by flexibly deploying one of these models to both DSL copper networks and FTTx via Ethernet with no double investments, and it also eases the logistics and maintenance cost effectively.