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ZX Cross Bow


The ZX Crossbow with Power Swing technology sends Zartz suction-cup arrows soaring toward a target up to 45 feet, where they will stick to almost anything! Super easy to use-and you can load and fire with either hand.

ZX Crossfire ist eine handliche Abschussvorrichtung, die durch die geniale Umlenkfunktion der Gummibaender deinen Pfeil mit geringem Kraftaufwand ueber 14 Meter abschiessen kann! Die 3 mitgelieferten ZARTZ-Pfeile haften fast ueberall! Warnhinweis: Achtung: Nich


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Some of the packaging artwork mistakenly shows a trigger and hook mechanism on the ZX Crossbow. This is not the case for these products and the product you have purchased is in fact the correct version with no missing or broken parts.