• Where do you buy ZOTE soap?Lana
  • Jabon Zote Blanco Laundry Flakes Pack of 2
  • Jabon Zote Azul Para Lavar Ropa - Quita Manchas De La Ropa - Paquete De 4 Jabones
  • 6 Pk, Pink Zote Soap Bar, 7.0 Oz.

Zote Laundry Soap Bar Pink 4 bars total of 14.1 Ounce

Too low to display

Since the Zote failed so miserably the first time going in with a half bar we decided to put it to the test ounce for ounce, weighing both the zote and the fels for the same amount before making a new batch.

Conclusion: What it comes down to is personal preference and what you're using it for. If our children were still little and just playing outside with regular sand/dirt/grass stains, I'd probably go with Super Laundry Sauce made with Zote.


1 Cup grated Zote Soap 1/2 Cup Washing Soda1/2 Cup Borax

Hi! I’m just curious, why two bars of Zote? When the Fels Naphtha recipes call for two small bars that are half the size of the Zote bar. I only had one Zote bar so that’s how I made it but I’m wondering if I should add another. Will it not clean as well? Also, some people say that their laundry starts smelling after a while. Have you had that experience?