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Common cough and cold brings with it a number of problems which can be solved with Cold-EEze Zinc Gluconate Lozenges. They are effective on the common cold and can reduce its duration. These tablets are easily dissolved in the mouth and take less time to act. These lozenges are proven to dramatically shorten the duration of cold and alleviate the severity of its symptoms.

The Quigley Corporation was making and selling zinc gluconate lozenges. There were several studies done on these lozenges, with two showing success, 13,14 while two failed.15,16 Another company, Bristol Myers Squibb, came up with a very pleasant-tasting hard candy zinc gluconate lozenge that was flavor-masked with lemon and citric acid. Their lozenges failed in a clinical trial done at the Department of Internal Medicine, University of Virginia School of Medicine, Charlottesville, Virginia.17 Interestingly, of the many zinc lozenges on the market in the United States, several contain citric acid and release no iZn, thus lacking any efficacy. Warner Lambert Company also wanted to market a zinc lozenge;unfortunately, it too failed in clinical trials.16 Their hard candy zinc acetate lozenges contained 5 or 11.5 mg of zinc. They were flavor-masked with partially hydrogenated cottonseed oil and/or palm kernel oil and soy lecithin. They thought it released iZn, but I am certain that they did not, mainly since there was no hint of oral astringency.


Diseases & Conditions (3) Common Cold; Perimenopause; ..

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