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Yoga over 50 - with 8 Routines


If you want to invest in only one yoga DVD, this is the one. Shiva Rea, a yogi of international fame, created this beautiful DVD in India and the Maldive Islands. This innovative yoga DVD contains 4 complete practices, (with adjustments for beginner, intermediate and advanced). Plus, the DVD features a unique yoga matrix, a mistake-proof system that allows you to pick and choose your practice session to suit your time and needs. Out of the 7-days-per-week that I do yoga, I use this DVD for at least 4 of those days. The core of this vinyasa flow yoga DVD are the sun salutations, dancing warrior, forward bends, lunges, hip openers and twists. Also includes pranayama (breathing exercises) and meditation. And you can set options for music only, or music with instruction. Music is Indian-New Age — soothing and great to listen to.

I just want to say thank you for this list. In a desperate search to find some yoga Dvds that were enjoyable for me after several failed attempts, I found 3 Dvds off this list that have shaped a daily practice for me that have truly changed my life in more ways than I could gave ever imagined. Thank you!


Zuzka’s ZCUT Power Yoga DVD is available NOW!

Below Sarsha takes Al & Alena through a yoga series to aid the aging process. Week one ( 61 minutes) is focused on the core and spine stability. This is part 1 of a 7 part series. Shot on a beautiful set, with stunning Taranaki scenery in the background. These Yoga DVDs (7 part series) will be a great one for the collection. part 2 is emailed in sequence. Parts 3-7 coming real soon .