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A good quality wet car battery will cost between $90 and $125 and, if properly maintained, should last five years or more. In 1927, a car battery typically cost $70. With an estimated 3% compounded annual growth rate, worldwide retail sales of car lead-acid batteries represent roughly 63% of the estimated $30 billion annually spent on batteries. In North America, reports that approximately 120 million car and motorcycle batteries were sold in 2010, of which approximately 88% were for replacement and 12% were for original equipment. For 2003, estimates that in Western Europe 58.5 million car batteries will be sold and 71% will be replacement (after market) and 29% will be OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). In 2013, reported that is the largest global manufacturer with 36% of the approximately 375 million annually produced. This is followed by , and GS Yuasa. In another marketing by , in 2003 the worldwide battery market was roughly $30 billion, with 30% of that being SLI (car) and 15.3% industrial (deep cycle) lead-acid batteries. In the June 2015 report, Environmental Protection Acency stated that approximately 99% of all lead-acid car batteries were recycled in the U.S. in 2013, making lead one of the highest reclaimed non-precious metals. Steel cars at 70.6% was a distant second.


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