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I ran across this last night at . The lovely lady acting as hostess told me that it is called a , wheelbarrow shovel. She said that it was invented by a young man who worked at Mario’s several years ago and he holds the patent on it. He has upgraded the device to have three wheels, she told me.

Wheelbarrows and shovels. Fortunately, six members of the Richards High School football team and their coach brought the muscle for this job. I stayed near the beds and helped level out the layers of dirt and mulch that were alternately dumped. The rows of men and women with wheelbarrows moving across the field, others shoveling precious compost, invigorated my spirit. Together, we hoped to create a place where families grew produce and food pantries received fresh organic vegetables with a small food mileage. All the sweat and sore muscles represented a reasonable price for the goal.


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