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Dry-Packs 3gm Cotton Silica Gel Packet, Pack of 20

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None of the Walmart ammo inventory is even close to correct for Phoenix, AZ. On top of that, everything I've ordered through Wikiarms recently has been canceled. Specifically vendors who I ordered XM855 ammo from after locating on Wikiarms have canceled my orders so they could raise the prices and gouge like the rest are doing. Seems Wikiarms should have some type of vendor rating system so unethical practices and great dealings alike can be shared and vendors rated accordingly.

One of the more ingenious inventions to come out during the Great Shooty Things Panic of 2013 was GunBot — a handy little website that trawled through all the online stores to find who had ammo and how the prices compared across different sites. I used it constantly that year, and still use it when I need to find ammo. One website trying to replicate and improve on that site is . But it’s more than just being a GunBot clone. They’ve gone and done something particularly slick: give them your address and they will tell you if your local Walmart has ammo in stock . . .


Walmart has removed ammunition from the shelves of several St