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Coffee People Donut Shop Coffee Keurig Vue Portion Pack, 32 Count

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Yes the new brewer takes both but not the old vue cups work And no my K cup and it reads the lid of the k cup and ONLY Keurig brand cups will work if it cannot read the label the generic brand cups will not work Again Keurik is making it so you have to use their brand not a cheaper one or better yet your own coffee no getting around it. my old vue died I called Keurig and they send me another one free of charge. but like I said the new one is made to use only the Keurg k cups and the new vue cups.

i think you can reuse empty vue cups using your own grounds and possibly loose tea: clean and dry them. then fill with your own coffee grounds and cover with a square of foil. looked it up on youtube.


Keurig Van Houtte French Vanilla Vue Cups, 16 Pack | Bloomingdale's

K-Cups are trending to be cheaper than VUE cups, and this can also save you money. Plus if you love a micro-roasted coffee at your local coffee house you can now use it with your VUE brewer by using the refillable filter that comes with the Solofill V2 Goldcup. The Solofill V2 Goldcup is also easy to use and easy to clean if you use ground coffee.