• VUDU and Walmart have teamed up to sell the VUDU Spark
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  • Account activation includes VUDU $5.99 movie credit with email submit.
  • Check back with IGN in the future for more updates on the Vudu Spark.



In the fall of 2010, the boxes were updated with new apps to access such online content as sports, news and podcasts. Vudu further supports these original boxes with a Vudu app for iphone/ipod touch that lets you choose movies that can be downloaded to your Vudu box for later viewing.

In the early days of internet streaming, the Vudu streaming service was released on the Vudu box, which has since been discontinued)). The Vudu box was a dedicated device with a hard drive for downloading films you wanted to own. Vudu boxes are no longer available for sale, but they still work.


VUDU - Rent, buy & watch HD movies and TV shows on-demand

Vudu has a great library of recent hit movies. The same is true for TV shows, with many episodes available within days after they air. Vudu's picture quality is called the best of any streaming provider. But unlike Netflix, you'll pay for each Vudu video you stream and pay extra to see it in the best video quality.