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Upper Bounce 44-Inch Trampoline Pole Foam Sleeves Fits for 1.5-Inch Diameter Pole (Set of 12), Blue


Every customer was very pleased with this trampoline with enclosure, especially with how easy it is to assemble and disassemble it. Many reviews praise the quality of the materials, with only one or two exceptions – owners who recount that some of the materials were worn out in a few weeks or that parts were missing from the package set. All of them were impressed by the stability of the Upper Bounce trampoline.

The Upper Bounce Trampoline and Enclosure Set is the perfect product for any child who likes to play outside, or to have friends coming over, being an excellent workout equipment, if we consider the muscle groups used while jumping, the number of calories burnt and the cardio workout this trampoline enables – it makes you wish you were a child!


All Your Trampoline Needs - Upperbounce

By buying an Upper Bounce Trampoline, you get more than meets the eye. You get a high-quality Trampoline which you can immediately start enjoying, while knowing that a reputable company stands behind your purchase.