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Michigan Peat 5540 Garden Magic Top Soil, 40-Pound

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In Ohio, temperatures vary and each year a new application is required to have a great looking clean landscape. Weigh your topsoil and mulch options carefully. They’re easily among the most important aspects of your landscape as a whole.

This material consists of the filtered discharges of our screening machines. This is excellent for use as filler for low spots or building a berm. Much of the material is topsoil that was simply too large to fit through our small screens so it does have growing capabilities. Be advised that this product also contains, stones, rocks and sticks. It would be best if you visit our facility to see the product in person before taking delivery to make sure this is a material that suits your needs. This product is subject to availability.


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Modern sustainable farming practices place a heavy emphasis on crop rotation to prevent soil exhaustion. Most contemporary farmers rotate their crops, allow fields to lie fallow and plant nitrogen fixing plants like beans to promote soil health. Many also plow plant material into the ground to enrich the humus, and they spread compost and manure to make it more nutritious and rich. In some areas of the world, however, farmers are working with only a few inches of topsoil and are relying on a growing collection of fertilizers to sustain crops. , which experts already are observing in Africa and Australia, can occur when no attempts are made to rejuvenate the land, and even when people take action, it can take years to repair the exhausted soil with organic practices.