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Goodyear Wrangler Radial Tire - 235/75R15 105S


The Douglas tires went to crap at about 25k miles. Started vibrating a bit, and got really noisy. The vibration wasn't all that bad, and the tire wear was excellent, tires still have 75% tread left maybe, but the noise got so bad I had to get them off the car. Bought a set of Michelins, better ride quality right off, and these tires are silent. We'll see how they age I guess. Sure not a cheap set of tires at any rate. Bought these tires at Walmart, another excellent install and best price I could find. But beware their "house brand" tires.

June 16th I bought 2 tires from Walmart and they installed and it seems good at the time. 2 weeks later one tire blew out. I went back to Walmart and they refuse to honor the warranty. I paid full price to replace it. The tires were not balanced like they charge me for and 3 lug nuts was loose. I called the tire center to explain it and Gabriella, Bill and some other person there don't seem to care. I went in the next morning and have them re-balance it and not one apology and still had to wait just like everyone else when this was a fault of theirs.


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