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The Challenger Sale: Taking Control of the Customer Conversation


The integration and collaboration of sales and marketing is critical for the Challenger Sales Model to be effective. Specifically, if marketing is not embedded into the sales process, the probability diminishes for this methodology to be successful. In short, This delegation needs to be mutually agreed to by sales and marketing heads. In addition, job descriptions and compensation plans must be constructed and enforced to reinforce the intended goals. To be clear, every function and individual that engages in a sales cycle needs to be trained and ingrained with the Challenger Sales methodology, because it is not something that just the sales reps do.

With The Challenger Sales Model, an organization needs to do a much better job of targeting prospective opportunities up-front, resulting in a tighter funnel and close ratio. In other words, time and money will be saved by not chasing bad opportunities or those with a high propensity to result in closed/lost. This requires a tight definition of the market opportunity and great market, competitive and account research so that the set of target accounts has a high propensity to purchase. Because this is not an easy task, it is one handled best by a market intelligence function.


The Challenger Sale: A Fresh Approach to Sales

“The Challenger Sales Model is one of the most referenced and implemented approaches in the modern sales industry and in the most part we wholeheartedly agree with its direction and aim. However, our work with sales reps in large organisations has exposed us to the high degrees of confusion and misunderstanding within sales teams about what a challenger is and how they can develop a legion of challengers. This white paper adds The Chemistry Group’s expertise in behaviour change and business consultancy to bolster and clarify some of the principles of The Challenger Sales Model. Our conclusions and suggestions may seem radical to some organisations but our track record of delivering top-line growth in some of the UK’s largest companies speaks for itself.”