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  • 30. Keep the teeth moist. Teeth that are dry crack. If you chew ice, teeth may crumble. Teeth do have a breaking strength.
  • True teeth care - re-enamalize naturally
  • Teeth Cavities - American Dental Association

Dental Cheek Retractor Mouth Opener for Teeth Whitening Clear C-shape (Size Medium) Pack of 5

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Baby teeth are the only teeth your child will have for the first few years. They help your child learn to speak properly. Kids need them to chew, and also for stopping their adult teeth from growing in crooked.

Caption: MODEL RELEASED. Lower set of teeth in a patient with severe tooth decay (dental caries). Caries is the decay and crumbling of the teeth caused by bacteria in plaque, a substance that covers the surface of unclean teeth.


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Great article, some very good points. Will give this a try, as I have bad gums, but thru cutting back on a lot of stuff I use to consume n put into my body, being alcohol, smokes, take aways which cooked in heavy oil, sugar laden food,lotsve processed food...Haz bn few months now, n have noticed my gums r a lot pinker thn bfore, but still need some work on thm. I cn c the pockets where the plaque haz got in n causing damage, they r a very dark purple colour, n cn c where it iz separating the tooth frm the gum. I use to clench my teeth alot but tht haz dissapeared. Craziest thing happened az well, on one side my teeth became so loose I couldve easily pulled thm out one by one lol crazy, but I never luckily lol. They r all tight again, but now they r quite sensitive. The left side was very bad, now thts ok now n has gone to right side, hopefully will clear up. My breath iz not so gd either. Will try this n oil pulling az well...b nice to have a healthy mouth...gums n teeth.