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  • Woxter Tablet Nimbus 1000 10.1"
  • Woxter Tablet Nimbus 1000 10.1"
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The IdeaTab A1000 really only shows flaws and shortcuts whenever you compare it to another device in the same space. Handing it off to different friends and family members, the general reaction was usually like, “hey, this is pretty cool…how much does it cost?” Showing it to some of my more tech-savvy friends who had experience with smartphones and tablets, the reaction was more along the lines of, “what the heck is this thing? It’s kinda chubby and boring”.

Regardless of your needs, the Lenovo IdeaTab A1000 is hardly the worst thing you could do with your money. It all comes down to determining who you’re shopping for and what you expect of your device.


Tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000 - Lojas Colombo

The Ideatab A1000l is a 7″ tablet that is stuffed with characteristics for on-the-go amusement. Ultra-moderate and ultra-thin, the A1000l packs a vivid HD show as well as pocket-estimated solace and a long-life electric storage device for a considerable length of time of play.