• 1956 Swanson TV Dinner Advertisement
  • tv dinner - I bet it was a swanson dinner, they were decent, but mom's food was always much better, and we rarely ever had these
  • Swanson TV dinners advert
  • Swanson TV Dinner 1956

Swanson Beef Broth, 50%less sodium, 32 oz

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1956 Swanson TV Dinner original vintage advertisement. Fried chicken dinner includes one drumstick or thigh, portion of breast and wing with mashed potatoes and mixed vegatables. No work before, no dishes after!

Swanson TV dinner vintage ad, circa 1966. In the 1960s, with a growing number of women working outside the home, a culture of convenience flourished. #conveniencefoods


1956 Swanson TV Dinner Advertisement

Actually, I don't know the day, but the year was 1967. Other old people from a poor-ish background are maybe familiar with the shit-mouth flavor of Swanson TV dinners. (Anybody eaten them lately? Have they improved?) But luckily for me, my parents never ventured into foreign territory. That Chinese slop looks like cooked dog and dog puke. : .