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Toy Story Figure Play Set

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Keep your children engaged with their favorite Toy Story figures from Mattel. Based on the timeless classic, Toy story dolls and playsets give your child the ability to escape to Andy’s house where they can pursue adventure. Relive the moment where Woody encounters the new Buzz Lightyear toy and tries to convince him he’s not a real space ranger, or recreate the toy story dolls’ escape from Sid’s house. Whatever kids have in store, the Toy Story Buzz Lightyear and Woody toys are sure to see plenty of action! Supply your child with partners in adventure with Toy Story figures from Mattel.

So what do you say, rabid collectors out there? Would you go for a set of awesome Cave Story figures? I know I would feed bunnies as many red flowers as it took to get even one of these figures. How much would you pay for these guys? And if you’re a collector, what is your favorite figure you own? Let us know in the comments!


1996 Toy Story Action Figures Commercial