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The Steiner Ranger Pro 10x42 Binoculars are manufactured with extreme precision. The Ranger Pro series is designed specifically for Steiner's hunting range. With outstanding optics, field of view, ruggedness and comfort, these roof prism binoculars will suit any huntsman on their hunting trip. Designed from the ground up to be compact and powerful, they offer a unique close up range and are incredibaly robust due to its extremely tough plastic.

The Steiner Ranger Xtreme 10x42 Hunting Binoculars are the impressive new addition to the Steiner Hunting range. Featuring significantly greater improvements over the original Ranger Pro binocular in relation to light transmission, clarity and brightness, the Steiner Ranger Xtreme 10x42 Hunting Binoculars are one of the best low-light hunting binoculars; ideal for use at Dusk and Dawn.


Steiner Fernglas Ranger Xtreme 10x42