• Stadium Seats Available!
  • Does anyone have 2 Dodger Stadium seats available for sale?
  • Have you sold the red Busch Stadium seats yet? How much are/were you asking for them?
  • Looking for pair of Dodger stadium seats. Mix and match.

Coleman Stadium Seat

Too low to display

* Patented Seat Feet™ make your stadium seats completely portable and extremely stable for sitting WITHOUT bolting to your floor or deck. NO DRILLING required.

Anyone who has ever endured a day spent sitting on rock hard bleachers understands the enormous appeal of our different styles of portable stadium seats. Our collection includes far more than the classic folding stadium seats, however, and even incorporates some models with coolers, some with armrests, and some that serve as stools and beach mats as well.


The Authentic Yankee Stadium Seats - Hammacher Schlemmer

After the 2005 season, Dodger Stadium in Chávez Ravine underwent major renovations including the replacement of nearly all the stadium seats. Of the 56,000 seats removed in 2005, only 2,000 pairs were made available to the public. Fans that missed their chance in 2005 can now buy Dodger Stadium seats.