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Ludell 11605 High Grade Steel Splitting Wedge, 5lb

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Fiskars Splitting Wedge is a specially helicoidally shaped wedge which makes the wood burst more easily for larger logs that resist splitting with a typical splitting axe strike. Inserting the wedge into a cut aperture and then striking it with a sledge hammer will reduce the need to use several wedges because of its special shape. This wedge features a rounded head to avoid material fragmentation and is made of forged steel for robust performance.

The wood grenade splitting wedge is ideal for use on logs. Great results are acheived when hitting it with a sledge hammer. The wood grenade works by splitting the log in four different directions. It has a sharp point so that it can be started off easily.


Twisted Wood & Log Splitting Wedge | STIHL USA

This ultra-durable Splitting Wedge makes splitting logs with a maul fast and easy. A special shape helps disperse wood for cleaner splits. Made of hardened, tempered, drop-forged carbon steel, this durable splitting wedge will last for years.