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Sony KDL40R510C 40-Inch 1080p Smart LED TV (2015 Model)

Too low to display

Problem SONY TV Panel is evident everywhere. Will give problem within three years. It's my experience and their service center support is very pathetic. Highly recommend not to think about SONY if anyone wants buy TV.

Have been having an issue with our Sony TV shutting itself off then coming back on and it seems to kick off when the audio starts. It's very annoying, not to mention, we can't use our Sony. We only have one television in the house, and the only thing hooked up to it is a dvd player. We would like to know what could possibly be wrong with it. Have owned it since about 2010, but have only used it since 2013. Any help with what this issue is would be very helpful. It's been a great system up to the last several weeks because it will at some point stop shutting itself off and operate as it should, unless by now something has gone completely out, and based on other reviews I've read here, there are no replacement parts available for televisions that are over 5 years old.


CID Full 0n Sony TV 9th June 2015

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your entertainment center or you fancy adding a TV to your bedroom, you’ll find a Sony TV that’s right for you. The is a slim, 3D Led TV that features Catch up and Android TV.