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Bull and Bell Original Barbershop Shaving Soap - Handmade in the USA with Mango Butter and Coconut Oil - 4 Oz - Best Shave Soap for Sensitive Skin

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If you are looking to improve your lathers, or just need some direction on how to use a brush and shaving soap, this tutorial will cover two easy options for building a great lather.

I demonstrate two different methods to building a great shaving lather. The first method uses a dry (damp) brush, the second method use a wet brush. This tutorial also shows you how to face lather like a pro!

The soap in the demonstration is the RazoRock "King of the Castle" Lime, a soft Italian soap.

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If you are interested in traditional wetshaving, and are looking for a place to share your experiences, help review products, and questions, look for the BiG Shave Facebook group!

Yes, my husband shaves with this soap, and while his blade dulls… all blades do. The whiskers cause it to dull. It’s possible that the fellas complaining about their blades getting very dull are perhaps using straight razors, in which case the concern is a bit higher (although that’s what the strop is for, guys!), or they might have very sensitive skin, or need a very gentle shave, but they failed to specify, so we will never know. My husband use a safety razor that he prefers to be pretty aggressive (and he also has a pretty heavy beard), so he changes out his blade every couple of shaves. The beauty of safety razors is that even the world’s sharpest blades cost peanuts compared to the multi-bladed razors that you find in stores nowadays: even if you discard a blade after each shave, you still are coming out far ahead on cost.
Regarding ingredients, I am not sure how Dr. Bronners would vary from yours. You can safely use essential oils, but (if you can) try to use gentle ones, being aware that every face is different, and what is irritating to one man may be fine or even enjoyable for another.
As for adding ingredients… Yes, my ingredients work in similar ways, but if you want to sub things out, go for it! As with all DIY recipes, this is just a jumping off point. If you think of something cool to add, by all means experiment!


How to Shave With a Safety Razor