• SetWear Smart Back Belt, Small, Waist Size 28-34"
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SetWear Adjustable Smart Back Belt Fitness (Large/X-Large)

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The Setwear Smart Back Belt - Large / X-Large is the only fully adjustable back support tool belt. Great fit and comfortable. BOA adjustable lumbar support. Adjustable on the fly. Smooth edges, stretch resistant and CoolMax™ padding all the way around level! Our hook and loop closure system gives you the perfect fit every time. Without Tool Bags.

SetWear Smart Back Belt (Small, Waist Size 28-34") features a oversized buckle that allows for quick adjustment and a secure fit. 3D shaped lumbar wedge fits and supports your lower back to allowing it to assume a natural position. The soft shaped pad provides the perfect lumbar support to take strain off of your back, improve posture and prevent accidents while moving or lifting. Revolutionary BOA tightening system provides instant adjustment and super secure fitting. The BOA knob uses internal 3:1 gearing so it does all the work and provides the ultimate support to your back.


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