• Salt Away MSDS sheet says:
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  • allow for a straight water rinse without the Salt Away which itself is a great product, the inside of my ski is near perfect after
  • Salt Away

Salt Away GALLON CONCENTRATE marine corrosion remover

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The solution mixer allows you to switch from the salt away mix to fresh water so you don't have to remove the solution mixer to give a final rinse with fresh water.

I wouldn't be surprised if the vinegar does a good job, I used it on the zippers that were all corroded on the canvas of my Grady. The vinegar did a great job. Whether or not it is as good as Saltaway, I couldn't tell you. I have a 2 year old unopened bottle of Saltaway in the garage in Joisey, and will religiously use it to wash the brake disks on my new trailer.... Honest.... This time I really mean it, I'm going to do it.... AF,


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Shane Housley from Wholesale Marine Direct demonstrates the uses and technology behind Salt Away concentrate and the mixing and flushing system..