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Dometic 651815 13,500 BTU Penguin II Low Profile Heat Pump Air Conditioner

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Your one stop shop for RV Air Conditioners. We carry ducted and non-ducted RV Air Conditioners. Some of the RV Air Conditioners come with a heat pump. The cut out size requirement is 14" x 14" for all units. You will need a roof top and ceiling assembly to have a complete RV AC unit.

This high-efficiency RV air conditioner with heat pump offers comfortable camping in temperatures between 45 and 159 degrees Fahrenheit. Using a heat pump conserves up to 4 times more energy than a furnace because it pulls warm air in from outside instead of generating its own. This maintains your set temperature inside when ambient temperatures get as low as 45 degrees Fahrenheit outside, which is perfect for unexpected chilly nights and mornings.


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