• * Some cards require a Reload Card for adding funds.
  • Buyer Beware of vanillareload cards.
  • Buy $500 reload card, you get 50 cent off per gallon (for a single fill-up)
  • i want to buy online reload cards

Lee Precision Powder Measure Kit


Rewards strategists are discovering new ways to multiplypoints and miles fast using prepaid and reload cards. It's a bit like gettingrewards for a cash advance, then using the advance to pay large bills withoutincurring convenience fees. In some instances you can even pay the bill foryour rewards credit card with your prepaid, indirectly earning rewards twicefor a purchase.

Basically, you use your point-earning credit card to buy the Prepaid Greendot card, then to buy the Reload cards, and use free ATM to withdraw cash or you can withdraw cash back a any grocery store. In the end, it costs you $5 for 500 points * x which depends on your credit card has a bonus at a grocery store or a gas station.


I would buy 1 $500 Vanilla Reload Card per credit card per day.

I use those to buy Vanilla Reload cards, paying another $39.50; soon, I have $5,000 in my BlueBird account, at a cost of $5087.95. I use that to write checks (e.g. rent).