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Martha Stewart Crafts Large Punch, Embossed Pop, Up Flower


Each of the two portions of the frame making up the bore portions are shaped to interchangeably hold one part of a two-part punch/emboss set. In other words, each frame portion holds one separate part (or one-half) of the set in a manner such that it is easy to replace one set (having a particular punch or emboss pattern) with another. An aspect of the invention that sets it apart from the prior art is that one of the two frame portions allows the part of the set that it holds to co-axially slide toward and away from the other part of the set. This enables the parts of the set to be driven together into engagement with a sheet of paper (or similar sheet of material) between them.

It is a further object of this invention to provide interchangeable punch inserts and emboss inserts that are relatively inexpensive, so that it is economical to take advantage of the benefits of the tool for additional punch or emboss designs.


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Borders just got better! This newest generation of border punches combines embossing and punching in one easy step. Create continous borders on photo mats, card edges or paper ribbon - perfect for scrapbooks, cards and other paper crafts.