• How to Print Digital Photos
  • You can choose to have either your printer or Photoshop Elementsmanage colors.
  • Details matter at CanvasPop. To print Facebook photos, choose from eight unique studio-grade filters.
  • Print individual photos

Mitsubishi CK-K76R 6" Paper & Ink Set for CP-K60DW-S Photo Printer, 4x6" 640 Prints/Roll

Too low to display

4. (Concept): Found on our favorite hub of design innovation, Yanko Design, the Sofie is an iPhone dock and case that prints photos just like a Polaroid. While it’s definitely on the bulky side, what a great accessory to have for a portable photo booth.

3. ($220): As the name of the product would suggest, this printer connects wirelessly to iPhone or Android phones and prints vibrant color photographs. Simply transmit pictures via the smartphone app over Wi-Fi, and print photos in less than a minute.


Print Photos instantly from your Smartphone!

Probably the best way to think of the iP8720 is that it's for people who can't justify paying for a printer in the Epson R2000's or R3000's class, but are serious enough that they want to print photos as large as 13 by 19 inches, need to print photos in black and white, or both. If that's what you need, it offers a lot for the price.