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  • Mirror and Picture Moving Boxes . Click Here for Packing Instructions Picture boxes and mirror boxes are a must for most living and family rooms.

Advantus Photo Keeper Box with 6 Individual Clear Photo Cases, Holds up to 600 Photos (61989)


Picture boxes and mirror boxes are a must for most living and family rooms. If you have artwork, photographs, mirrors, or any wall item these are a great way to make sure they arrive in mint condition. The beauty of our picture moving boxes is that they are all fit to size. The set is made up of two pieces that slide together to perfectly fit the object you are trying to protect.

In other words it isn't a one size fits all moving box with a lot of extra empty space. Remember movement created by empty space is what causes most damage. As a result it is critical to pack fragile and valuable belongings like pictures and mirrors in moving boxes that fit correctly. We break down the simplest way to pack your living room/family room and most importantly, how to pack pictures for moving.

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