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Remember when having Snake on your phone was cutting edge? Back then phone bingo wouldn’t have been too interesting. Bingo is about social interactions the thrill of finishing before other people do and most of all the excitement of winning money. Although there were of course basic bingo games on older phones, they didn’t come close to simulating the real thing. Only now with modern smart phones that stay constantly hooked in to high speed internet does it become possible to recreate these aspects? Web browsers on phones let you play the same online bingo games that are available on the internet. This means that you are connected to chat servers with all the other players taking part in the game allowing you to share in the excitement and thrills with others. Let’s not forget that the most exciting part is of course that you stand a chance of winning real money.

Print 2 pages of TAP-Telephone Bingo Cards for free. Download a PDF with 2 free pages of bingo cards plus instructions and a randomized . Play TAP-Telephone bingo in a browser or customize the events, free space, etc. Purchase more randomly generated bingo card pages below.


Touch My Bingo is a mobile bingo site with a twist

Mfortune is another top player in the mobile phone bingo market there game looks fantastic if playing on an ipad 2 but is equally as good on your iphone or other mobile device.