• INCLUDES: 1 Perplexus puzzle.
  • Do this; so shall thy soul stand before thee always, and perplex thee no more.
  • But like all the others that have been made, only serving to perplex them.
  • If I have my private doubts, why should I set them up to perplex the community withal?

Perplexus Original


What a shame they put that annoying "Buksi" stamp there. If only the globe was completely clear and the swing arm worked it would be a 5 star toy. Best I can give it is 3 stars and I recommend you buy the Superplexus or Magic Intellect ball instead because that have all the best parts of Perplexus with a completely Clear Globe.

Perplexus Epic features a series of 125 challenging chutes and spirals, twists, turns, and notches. This 3D marble maze is a treat for the senses and provides hours of tactile play and hand-eye coordination. As children navigate through the maze, they will have a blast challenging each other and racing the clock. Ages 8 +.


perplexus maze game by plasmart inc.

There are three Perplexus models, each with a varying degree of difficulty. Perplexus Original with 100 barriers to overcome was launched in 2010. Perplexus Epic, the most challenging Perplexus yet with 125 barriers to overcome launched in 2011. Perplexus Rookie, which also launched in 2011, is for ages 4 to 104 and has 70 barriers to overcome. More information on Perplexus can be found at .