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  • Metal two hole pencil sharpener.
  • Two-step long point pencil sharpener.
  • A makeup pencil sharpener with a stainless steel blade that won’t damage your pencils.

X-Acto School Pro Heavy-Duty Electric Sharpener (1670)

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Sharpening a pencil is a true art form. Just ask David Rees, author of the humorous and heartwarming book If you’re a more visual person and really need a demonstration of the delicate process of sharpening a pencil to perfection, Rees also has an on YouTube. Few things in life are quite as satisfactory as sharpening a set of brand new pencils, but there’s no guarantee those pointy ends will survive your pencil pouch. That’s why David Reese suggests keeping a length of plastic tubing handy. Once your pencil is sharpened to perfection, simply fit the tubing over the sharpened end of the pencil and use scissors to cut it just past the tip. This will keep your pencils reliably sharp and ready whenever you need them (standardized tests, anyone?)

* This precision-made pencil sharpener has a stainless steel blade that can be used on all of your favorite jane iredale makeup pencils
* Sharpened pencils apply easily and create more defined lines
* Gives your pencils a sharp tip for easier application


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Some people prefer to do things by hand. Most work by turning a crank, which rotates blades around inserted pencil heads. Manual pencil sharpeners come with various mounting options, allowing permanent installation or temporary installation on a wall, desk top or other smooth surface. Choose a handheld pencil sharpener for individual use and utilize a selector dial to work with many different types of pencils, including thicker children's pencils. When cleanliness is a concern, make sure pencil sharpeners have built-in antimicrobial protection to thwart germs and bacteria.