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OLD BAY Seasoning, 6 oz. tin


If you love like I do, then chances are, you're familiar with Old Bay seasoning. But what exactly is it, and how did it attain the cult status that it has today?

Old Bay Seasoning is a proprietary spice mix that's become a seafood staple. The blend, which was named after the Chesapeake Bay, was first created in the 1940s by a Baltimore spice merchant, and soon became a popular accoutrement among East Coasters for steamed, hard shell crabs. In the 1990s, spice company McCormick purchased the brand, preserving its distinctive yellow box and logo, but bringing Old Bay to supermarket spice aisles across America.


A substitute for Old Bay Seasoning

McCormick has a number of other products under the Old Bay banner, including seasoning packets for crab cakes, patties and , , , and seafood batter mix. They also make other seasoning blends that mix Old Bay seasoning with , , brown sugar, herbs and seasonings.