• This is iOBD2 scanner i got from site here:
  • Vgate Scan Advanced OBD2 Bluetooth Scan Tool
  • iCar 2 OBD2 Scanner WIFI iCar 2 OBD2 scan tool.
  • To summarize how to go about buying an OBD2 Scanner

Oxgord CAN OBD II Scanner Tool for Check Engine Light & Diagnostics, Direct Scan and Read Out


EASE PC Scan Tool Version X2.2 is here!! Fix cars faster and easier - Turn your PC into a Powerful Automotive Scan Tool with the most feature rich software available! Extensive data coverage, more controllers, data, and bi-directional controls make this our best OBD2 scanner ever! Scan tool software updates available for current owners.

The EASE J2534 Programming System II can be used for more than just J2534 pass-thru programming. You can also perform generic OBD2 and enhanced OEM diagnostics by adding the EASE PC Scan Tool Software. The EASE J2534 Programming System II can be both a J2534 pass thru device and an OBD2 scan tool using a single J2534 interface. The EASE OBD 2 scan tool software can also be added to any J2534 compliant device.


OBD2 Scanner | Diagnostic Tools & Equipment | eBay

This Bluetooth OBD2 scan tool really impressed me as it has beaten other expensive scan tools I’ve previously used in terms of usability. I’ve tried the in at least three different cars I own (I have a 2004 Tahoe, a Dodge Caravan, and a Ford F250) and, so far, it has worked perfectly on all of them. I’ve also tested the on my Samsung Galaxy S3 and HP Touchpad and it worked fine as well. Overall, I am very happy with the diagnostic capabilities of this tiny device and on how it is pulling up trouble codes for me to read and clear. If you need information about RPM speed, acceleration info, and more, then you can definitely rely upon this scanning device.