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A while back, I came into work one morning and almost stubbed my toe on a newly installed gumball machine.


New Lego Gumball Machine Mechanism

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Medium Gumball Bank

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Congratulations on your decision to purchase a new gumball machine. There are several things that you will need to know to decide which gumball machine you should purchase and then once you have received your shiney new machine, what you can do to take care of it.

Attaching your Gumball Machine to a Stand - Your new gumball machine comes fully assembled, but you will need to take it apart in order to mount it to the stand that you purchased with it. This is a simple process, but - like most things - it is easier when you have a good set of instructions and pictures to follow as you mount your new gumball machine to its stand. .


Prime Day is July 12 - the deals are everywhere