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Find everything you need for anyone in your family to become Minnie Mouse. As a young-at-heart adult, you can relive your favorite moments from your childhood in any of the Mickey or Minnie Mouse adult costumes. Then, let your kids pick out their favorite Mickey Mouse Clubhouse character and have a blast acting out your favorite scenes and playfully singing along to cheerful Disney tunes. Even the baby can join in on the fun with toddler and infant costumes to make everyone say, “Aww.”

Minnie Mouse has, over the years, grown into a strong, rather complex, and easily identifiable character in the Disney universe. Her many personality traits are more than noticeable, as well as consistent, in every incarnation of the character.


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The first step to planning a great themed birthday party is to send out the perfect invites. Start with Minnie Mouse invitations to set the mood. All her friends will jump for joy when they receive our invitation that features Minnie and Daisy proclaiming "It's pretty party time!"