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Browning BR-1030-UHF 3-5/8-Inch Magnet - NMO Mounting with Rubber Boot

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Mid-Atlantic Group Network of Shared Services Cooperative (MAGNET) is one of the oldest, largest and most experienced shared service organizations in the country. MAGNET, founded in 1979, is the “Other GPO” serving through its GPO member groups approximately 9,500 providers. The groups offer healthcare providers MAGNET vendor contracts that fill the need for delivering quality patient care at the best possible pricing. The member groups are Joint Purchasing Corporation (JPC), Creative Source Concepts, Inc. (CSC), Connecticut Hospital Association Shared Services Program (CHA SSP), Hospital Central Services Cooperative, Inc. (HCSC), and Southwest Ohio Health Care Affiliates, Inc. (SOHCA), and its newest member PhyndUs™.

Joint Purchasing Corporation (JPC) was established in 1922, and along with its subsidiary, Creative Source Concepts (CSC) are founding members of MAGNET. They proudly extend the MAGNET developed vendor cost saving contracts that meet the continuing demand of facilities and providers for quality care at affordable costs.


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