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FAQQ: What is Wherez U?
A: Wherez U is a location finder app. This app helps you in finding where your friends and family are in real time. Q: How do this work?
A: It works on mainly two principles.
1. Find Location - To find your contact's location
2. Send Location - Send your current location to your contact Q: Can I find and send location to any phone?
A: No, only those phones which have this app installed and that phone number should be stored in your contact. Q: Why am I not receiving any requests or locations?
A: If you are using any third party SMS apps like GOSMS or ChatOn, then make sure that Duplicate Notification is not turned off. Ex: In GOSMS, go to Settings -> Other Settings ->Disable Other Message Notification Q: I did not receive the location after sending the find location request?
A: Either your contact does not want to send his/her current location or they have disabled the location services on their phone. Q: Why the location on map is not very accurate?
A: If the location is tracked using network provider, then it might not be very accurate as compared to GPS. See the Provider type in location details dialog. Q: Where can I see my contact's location which were received?
A: Click on View Location button to see the list Q: What is auto respond in future option?
A: Selecting that auto respond option will add the contact to trusted list. Next time when this contact sends you a location request, then your current location will be automatically sent back to the contact.
The auto respond option will be enabled only for phone numbers which are stored in your contact. Q: How to turn of auto respond option?
A: You can turn off auto respond for all incoming requests by selecting the Turn Off Auto Respond option in Settings. If you just want to turn off auto respond for selected contacts, the use the Review Auto Respond List option under settings Q: What is Activity Log?
A: Any location request sent, received, denied, auto responded and so on are tracked in this log. View the Activity Log Indicators table above to know what each indicator stands for.

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