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Animal Combo Pack: Born Free/Living Free


Born Free DVD
This wondrous true adventure from the best-selling novel about a woman who raised a lioness and eventually set her free is beautifully photographed on the vast, golden savannas of central Africa. Born Free is a story of courage and love, nature and human nature, and a relationship unlike any other ever filmed. When game warden George Adamson (Bill Travers) is forced to kill a menacing lion and lioness, he and his wife Joy (Virgina McKenna) adopt their three cubs. Two are sent off to zoos, but the third is kept - a female they name Elsa - to which they have become particularly attached. When Elsa becomes a full-grown lioness, the Adamsons realize that she must be set free and taught to survive on her own. A year later the Adamsons return to the savanna and are surprised by a very special welcome from their old friend...

Living Free DVD
The heartwarming story of three lion cubs struggling to survive in one of nature's most treacherous settings is brought to life in Living Free, the sequel to Born Free. Set against the spectacular backdrop of East Africa, this true adventure continues the story of Joy and George Adamson (Susan Hampshire, Nigel Davenport) and Elsa, the lioness they once raised and set free. Elsa returns to the Adamsons because she is dying. Joy and George are then faced with a painful decision: should they shelter Elsa's cubs from the dangers of the African wilds, or should they set them free? A touching story of dedication and courage, Living Free confronts the dilemma of letting go or holding on to what you love.

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