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  • Life Alert's 150-feet console-to-pendant range is the smallest of the companies we reviewed.
  • Life Alert TV Spot For Fires And Falls
  • Life Alert now takes its marketing very seriously. Maybe too seriously.

GMS Med-e-lert 28 Day Automatic Pill Dispenser 6 Alarms with 6 Dosage Rings and 1 Metal Key - Solid White Lid

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Life Alert handles over two million calls a year, and on average saves at least one person from a catastrophic outcome every 10 minutes (over 52,000 in 2013). The size of Life Alert's Security Center emergency staff per subscriber is 200% greater than the size of a traditional security company.

In a 2004 ACNielsen study showed 87% of Life Alert members stated that Life Alert's protection is the main or most important factor in their decisions to keep on living alone at home. For safety, security and emergency protection, Life Alert is the choice for all ages.


Life Alert alarm provides medical home emergency protection

Life Alert allows my husband (90 years old) and myself (87 years old) to remain in our home even with some health issues. Life Alert gives us peace of mind and security. My husband became ill one evening. Life Alert was called. As usual, the Life Alert operator remained on the line until medics arrived. While waiting, all emergency contacts were notified. My husband was hospitalized for a week. Due to Life Alert’s quick response, his recovery was much faster. Thank you, Life Alert, for helping us to bring my husband back home.