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  • In order to sync my iPod touch, I had to:
  • I wonder how many of you are actual iPod touch users?
  • if you and more of your friends embraced FaceTime audio, then your iPod touch can make calls.

Apple iPod touch 16GB Blue (6th Generation)


On , , , gave an open letter posted on Apple's webpage, announced that a (SDK) for the iPhone would be made ready to third-party developers in . Because of security concerns and Jobs' praise of 's digital signature system, it is also suggested that Apple will adopt a similar method. The SDK will also apply to the iPod touch. However, end-users have still been able to "jailbreak" the iPod touch in similar methods to the iPhone, allowing the usage of third-party applications created by users. The most popular iPod touch jailbreak method is a website which takes advantage of a exploit in the iPod touch's web browser to execute the code in order to install the hacks. The site also patches the exploit as well. This method only worked on the 1.1.1 firmware, as 1.1.2 fixed the exploit needed for the installer to work.

The iPod touch is included with 802.11b/g, and, like the iPhone, has the web browser and . The iPod's Wi-Fi ability can also be used to buy music from the iTunes Store.


iPod Touch 6. Outdoors, overcast.

It's this gaming and app angle that really gives the touch its raison d'être. If you can't afford the premium tariffs that the iPhone attracts and you still want to take advantage of the thousands apps that Apple's App Store holds then the iPod touch is your cheapest route to entry.