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Too low to display

Due to the T8100 CPU the HP Pavilion HDX9320EG is only average in the PCMark 2005 benchmark compared to similarly powerful DTR notebooks. The result of the Cinebench R10 benchmark is even clearer. The results of the multi and single CPU rendering tests are clearly worse than those of notebooks equipped with T9300 CPU. The moderate result of the Geforce 8800M GTS in the Cinebench Shading Test (OpenGL) was a little surprise. It is clearly outperformed by notebooks with 8700M GT video cards and also by notebooks with 9650M GS video cards, which is the successor of the 8700M GT. In this aspect video cards optimized for OpenGL, e.g., the Quadro FX1600M, which is based on the 8700M GT, are top.

The HP Pavilion HDX9320EG scores points in many aspects. The workmanship of its stable case is good. It looks brilliant. The surfaces sparkle in the light.


HP HDX9320 - Pavilion Laptops - Retrevo

The quality of the speakers is often not considered very important for notebooks. To be fair, we have to admit that more and more manufacturers use high-quality speakers of well-known brands in order to make their notebooks more interesting for customers. As the Pavilion HDX9320EG is a multimedia notebook, you can expect such.
It is offered with a number of Altec-Lansing speakers, located at the bottom edge of the display. A subwoofer supports the sound system. Its sound is excellent. Usually the sound of the integrated sound system is not good enough for first-class music. But, the sound system of the HP Pavilion HDX9320EG definitely is.