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Melissa & Doug Show-Horse Stable


And I will end my selections of fun rideable horse toys for kids today with this adorable toy pony to ride on!
He is one of the most bought ride on pony toys for kids by parents!
It is very affordable and absolutely perfect for kids ages 1 to about 5 years old!
If you were looking for a cool and unique toy to give your grandchild next Christmas, look no further!
It’s going to be a huge hit!

Who wants to ride a very cute mechanical cowboy horse today?
Your child?
All he or she needs to do is to bounce on the saddle, while twisting the handle bars by the horse’s neck!
As they start doing that, the horse’s wheels will start moving and going wherever your kid wants to go!
The first time kids ride this fun plush horse and realize they are ‘really riding’ it, their face light up and their eyes sparkle from excitement!
Get your camera ready for this moment!
One of the best horse toys to place under the Christmas tree this year!


Best Ride On Horse Toys for Toddlers and Older Kids!

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