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idden Valley Ranch Rehabilitation Services, Inc., established in 1991, is a long-term residential treatment alternative for adults with traumatic brain injuries who have failed other attempts at community reintegration. Hidden Valley Ranch has been designed to provide men and women who have acquired/traumatic head injuries and challenging behaviors with an active, therapeutic and recreational treatment alternative. Examples of activities that Hidden Valley Ranch has coordinated include therapeutic horseback riding, attendance to classes at local community colleges and adventure trips like whitewater rafting. Hidden Valley Ranch, located in a rural setting, combines educational, vocational and recreational components along with the structured activities of daily living to create a comprehensive, long-term living environment.

The Hidden Valley Ranch Program consists of four multi-acre, community-based residential sites in Ramona, California, approximately 40 minutes north of San Diego. The Hidden Valley Ranch philosophy, environment, schedule and staff allow the program to provide residential and rehabilitative services to a broad spectrum of individuals, from those requiring one-on-one supervision for feeding, toileting, dressing or behavioral safety to those individuals more capable of leading semi-independent lives. Every individual who demonstrates progress in their self-care skills and their socially appropriate behaviors will have an opportunity to move within the program from a highly structured environment to an independent environment.


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Psh. I’m kidding. I’m classier than that. I used zip ties. That brings me to today, my “very first accident.” As far as accidents go, it was peachy, since I happened to be driving through the town from the Hidden Valley Ranch commercials at the time.