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Most hidden cameras rest on a shelf or a desk, or hang on a wall. What sets smoke detector hidden cameras apart is their location; with a wide viewing
angle and ceiling mount, these covert cameras cover a much wider area of surveillance. And, because they fit in anywhere, they're perfect for both home and business monitoring.

Retail loss is a billion-dollar industry and it's only getting bigger. By incorporating hidden cameras into your store surveillance system, you prevent people who know where your cameras are located from exploiting weak spots. Choose from a number of camera models, or select a simple black box hidden camera for portable, covert recording.


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The inner workings of a hidden camera compose its design, and it’s these specifications that determine the quality of the images and videos the camera produces. It's important to choose a spy camera that records high-resolution video and has a high frame rate. The camera should have a wide field of view, and if nighttime recording is vital, a low minimum illumination.