• Varieties of Hexagonal Wire Netting:
  • Galvanized hexagonal wire netting rolls
  • Hexagonal wire netting package and label
  • Specification of Hexagonal Wire Netting

Gardman 6220 Galvanized Wire Netting 1/2" Hex Mesh, 24" x 33'

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We offer an extensive range of hexagonal wire netting / metal mesh fencing for multiple applications. The metal mesh fencing is manufactured from metal steel wire and is hot-dipped galvanised to protect the steel fencing wire for rust / corrosion.

Chicken wire is named poultry mesh or hexagonal wire netting. It is used in garden for small bird protection, or as poultry or small animals housing. And it is used in agricultural. According to the materials, it comes in three types: galvanized chicken wire mesh, stainless steel wire netting, PVC coated green wire netting.


Hexagonal wire netting in reverse twist.

Processing Types available include:
• straight twist hexagonal wire netting
• reverse twist hexagonal wire netting
• double-direction twisted hexagonal wire netting