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Lifetime Life's Basics Plant Protein Unsweetened, Natural Vanilla, 1.01 LB


Company: Sana
Brand: Raw Hemp Juice Powder
Slogan: Sana
Origin: Netherlands
Category: Supplement
Packaging: 30 capsules
Claims: 100% raw hemp leaf juice powder, made exclusively from mature field grown Dutch hemp.
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Price: € 39.95
Where to Buy: Netherlands,

Organic Raw Hemp Leaf Powder is an extraordinarily complex superfood, containing most of the essential nutrients in the right ratios. This hemp leaf powder is a Romanian variety grown organically in mineral rich soils and sun-dried in Germany. Hemp leaf powder builds strength and muscle mass. It provides, amongst other nutrients, essential natural sugars and carbohydrates, invaluable to sports people. It also helps with melatonin production in the skin and helps one absorb full spectrum light. This product is THC-free and completely legal to purchase and consume.


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