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Cat hairballs cat be treated by increasing the amount of fiber in cat food. In addition pets may be given hairball remedies that contain lubricants that aid the gastrointestinal tract to digest food. Several pet owners have used petroleum jelly as a home remedy for hairballs. Although this may have been effective in some pets, it's best to use vet products that are safe and don't contain toxins which go unnoticed in some home treatments.

Occasional hairballs in cats can be normal, especially in long-haired cats or those that groom long-haired housemates. However, many veterinarians feel that if the vomiting occurs more than once or twice a month, the excess hairballs may be associated with another internal problem. There are a number of possible underlying causes that may lead to an abnormal amount of hairball vomiting:


Hairballs are usually harmless - but not always

One of the worst sounds you will ever endure as a cat owner is the sound of your beloved feline hacking a disgusting hairball on your living room floor. Symptoms of hairballs in cats include gagging, hacking and retching prior to expelling the hairball.