• Laser Hair Removal for Men’s Backs
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  • Laser Hair Removal for Men - New York City
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Veet Gel Hair Remover Cream, Sensitive Formula, 13.50 Ounce (Packaging may vary)


The chest, abs and back are some of the more common areas we are asked to treat for laser hair removal for men. Hair on the chest area is quite dense and the hair is typically very dark. As a result, this area responds beautifully to laser treatments. It is important to note; you can attain approximately a in these areas. It is medically impossible to be 100% hair free, and we caution everyone to be wary of places that tell you that all of your hair will be gone, as it’s simply not true.

Laser hair removal for men is quickly becoming one of the most popular aesthetic treatments in the country. Many clinics have reported that almost a quarter of their clientele are made up of men. That means more male patients than ever before are interested in eliminating back hair, chest hair, arm hair, and any other unwanted body hair.


Permanent, At-Home Body & Facial Hair Removal for Men

Veet Gel Hair Removal Cream For Men can work as fast as 5 minutes. It is dermatologically tested. This product includes Aloe Vera and Moisturizer Complex to give you a smoother skin. It can effectively eliminate hair without cutting it. So when your hair grows back, it feels softer and makes your skin moisturized. It is made in France and has an Amazon rating of 3.3.